Interactive data visualization with python

Welcome! psyplot is an open source python project that mainly combines the plotting utilities of matplotlib and the data management of the xarray package. The main purpose is to have a framework that allows a fast, attractive, flexible, easily applicable, easily reproducible and especially an interactive visualization of your data.

The ultimate goal is to help scientiests and especially climate model developers in their daily work by providing a flexibel visualization tool that can be enhanced by their own visualization scripts. The package may also be enhanced by the psyplot_gui module which provides a graphical user interface for an easier interactive usage.

The package is very new and there are many features that will be included in the future. So we are very pleased for feedback! Please simply raise an issue on GitHub.

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This package has been developped by Philipp Sommer as a part of the PyEarthScience project.

Thanks to the developers of the matplotlib, xarray and cartopy packages for their great packages and for the python delevopers for their fascinating work on this beautiful language.

A special thanks to Stefan Hagemann and Tobias Stacke from the Max-Planck-Institute of Meterology in Hamburg, Germany for the motivation on this project.

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